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With The Master Quartet Ensemble » Neapolitan sentiment

"Neapolitan sentiment"
(An evening of Neapolitan songs)

Yotam Cohen – Tenor

The Master Quartet Ensemble

Evgeny Mikhaelenko - Baian
Boris Karelin - Balalaika
Vladimir Kondratiev - Domra
Vladimir Zachinsky -Bass Guitar

There are many schools of thought about the magic of Neapolitan music and lyrics,
which has evolved into a genre of folk music and Songs.
All, from the lowliest of back street drunks to the finest performers of their time
have struggled to master these songs and have succumbed to their beauty.
Perhaps it is the Mediterranean Sun or the intoxicating sweetness hidden in every melody
or the emotional openness reflecting warmth and beauty
or maybe the melodic tones that are so becoming to the voice.
Whatever the reason, once heard, the simplicity and beauty of these Melodies
go straight to one’s heart. You cannot hear this music
Without it effecting one’s emotions and being deeply touched.

The Program:

A selection of gems from the repertoire of the most popular love Songs of Naples
such as O sole mio, Torna a Surriento, Marechiare, Mattinata,
Funiculi Funicula, Vuchella and many more
With musical arrangements for tenor accompanied by baian, balalaika, domra and base guitar.
as in the original style performed at the restaurants on the shore of Naples,
interwoven between the songs are stirring instrumental pieces
that compliment and blend with the style and atmosphere of the city.

         Mattinata         Dicitencello vuje          Funiculi funicula        O sole mio                  

Santa Lucia

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