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 Yotam Cohen - Tenor
Zana Miklin – Pianist

An evening of selected art songs for tenor and piano.
The artists perform this program in Israel and throughout the world
and have released a C.D which includes songs fromthis recital program.
The C.D has won critical and professional acclaim .

The program

Hebrew songs: Zeira, Argov, Wilensky and others
Spanish song: Turina, Granados, Sandoval, Ramirez and others
Italian Bel canto songs: Bellini, Rossini, Tosti and others
Russian romances: Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninof and others
Neapolitan songs: De Curtis, Di Capua, Canio, Tosti and others.

Z’ana Miklin - Pianist
Born in Grozny - Caucasia, graduated from the Saint Petersburg Music Academy
with a Masters degree as a Solo Piano - playing. Emigrated to Israel in 1990,
since then performed regularly with the Tenor Yotam Cohen in Israel and abroad.

Ptakh lanu shaar                           Chiquilin de Bachin


On stage stood a singer of the highest international standard with a remarkable
stage presence that inspired the audience with his sincerity and high artistic sense.
The voice - a very beautiful one, moves flexibly and freely through the diapason and
the dynamics, at one with the tempo and emotions. Z’ana Miklin, an outstanding
pianist succeeds in enhancing the work as an ensemble and gives the spectator a
sense of wholeness from an artistic performance for two.
The program has a fine composition and has a high sense of style.
There is a division of the recital into Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Napolitan
and the natural flow between them is an insightful musical desicion,
which creates a broad musical spectrum that unites the whole
concert and inspires the audiences response.

Prof. Evgenij Schenderovitch

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